Error in last stage

Hey, I’ve got till this step but can’t go any further than this. Also haven’t recived any welcome/on-boarding e-mail from your side, just clueless about further procedure. Could you please help me here.

Hey @Amey_Malawade ! Welcome to Niyo Community. Could you please DM us your registered mobile number, so that we can have a closer look at the issue?

Sure, Could you please let know where I can find an option to DM you?

Hey @Amey_Malawade ! We’ve deleted your message as it contained sensitive information. Kindly make sure to DM a Niyo representative if your message contains any kind of sensitive information. However, we’ve got the required details and are already working on fixing your issue. We respect your privacy

Hey I was able to go till this stage smoothly. But there were some hick-ups like

  1. Date scrolling wasn’t user friendly.
  2. Transitions were too unevenly timed, would confuse an elder person.
  3. Text size/ font wasn’t that eye pleasing had to read twice before proceeding ahead.
  4. During pasting PAN or AADHAR number the screen was flickering.
  5. Addition of images could help in user friendliness.
  6. Security related information wasn’t displayed like encryption type or secured by any agency.

I hope this helps in getting Niyo Global a better version of itself. Would like to contribute more if allowed.

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Hey, if there’s any facility to be on alpha testing or insider’s program I would like to be part of it. I’m well versed to work on these kind of development projects. Please let me know regarding same.

Hey @Amey_Malawade ! You’re already using the beta version of the app. We’d definitely love to hear your feedback on the user experience. If in case, you face any bugs, feel free to report it here in the community or mail to .

If you’d like to be a part of us, kindly mail to


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Thanks for being so prompt. Appreciative of your efforts.


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Hey @ashrithjain I would like to inform that the account has been created successfully. Had some bugs like:

  1. While entering birth date, the scroll for changing values was based upon values entered following this order(Year, Month, Date) which is exactly opposite of what we usually do and might confuse a leman user.
  2. While entering passcode for card, it was a continuous string entry for both the entry boxes, that meant that if I made mistake in any of data entry box; I had to retype the both boxes again.
  3. While changing any card setting like (international payment/ online payment mode) it was dependent on OTP, this is great for safety but once we go abroad we’ll have massive delays in getting OTP in foreign counties using our Indian sim card. Try hooking up with touch-id or passcode prompt to surpass OYP process for every small changes in operational mode.
  4. The app UI is great for a modern tech savvy person but after showing some elder family members, they found it had to read due to unique fonts and colors which enhances the appearance but surely reduces the functionality,
  5. Please also do some testing in order make app well suited to color blind folks as it’s pretty common disability.

I’m on my way to dig deep into this app, would like to know your insights on this too.


Hey @Amey_Malawade ! Thank you for taking time and giving us with such detailed feedback. Your feedback matters to us. It’s only because of users like you, we’re able to deliver the best! Thanks a ton :innocent: ! Meanwhile, take a seat and have a look at how your inputs get reflected in the app :wink:


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Hey, had some new suggestion. I understand that we’re in beta stage but this could help us to beat our competition.

  1. Try using touch-id for authenticate basic tasks like changing card settings, daily limits, etc.
  2. Use some large font and some UI changes that could facilitate old people. Bigger elements such as buttons, balance display will make transition seamless for new user.
  3. We could also integrate a built in UPI system that could make transactions even easier.
  4. The most anticipated element is a DARK MODE, I hope this will be in your pipeline.
  5. As most of our users will be abroad while using our product, we could cater them with offers and discounts as per their locale. We can collaborate with third party vendors that have a global presence and provide them a prime section in our app to advertise relevant offerings.
  6. Extension to previous point. As a global citizens, travel spending will be major chunk of usage for Global Card, hence we must have a tie-up with travel website providing exclusive deals for our customers.
  7. Lastly we should focus our efforts in making customer’s experience worth his/her while, that’s the way we could have a greater penetration in market.

I’ve blabbered out a lot of stuff, but I believe in Niyo’s potential to deliver success. Together we can make it a the best version of ourselves


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Hey @Amey_Malawade ! We appreciate you taking out time for us and providing us with a detailed feedback. We’re already working on your inputs to provide a seamless banking experience to you.

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Exactly the same issue on ios as well. Reported the issue via Test Flight along with the screenshot and email but not resolved yet. Waiting for the fix, Thanks!

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Any tentative timeline for this fix?

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@ashrithjain why is it that some people are not getting this error. Just today a person was able to sign up. Is it possible for you to remove the data associated with my account so that I can give it another try today?

Yea dude I also have the same problem

Hello My name is Bilal I was creating a account on the app and I was hooked up at last stage Please help me to resolve it

I too have the same issue, i have been mailing your team since past 5 weeks , but they are not able to solve it.
The account creation is pending at the final stage.
I request you to please look into it as get it solved.

Thanks & Regards
Aman Agrawal

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It’s a common issue with Niyo SBM. Please send an email to including your mobile number + any screenshots and details with the issue.



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