Error in ckyc although I have another SBM BANK ACCOUNT

@Bansari @ashrithjain
I’m trying to open niyo SBM global account. I’m getting error about ckyc. I already have a account with SBM bank. & I shared my ckyc details from PNB bank on email. I also contacted SBM bank regards CKYC & bank replies me that they forward my ckyc details to niyo.
I’m traveling to Georgia in September end. So I need zero forex markup card. Please help me to open this account

Hi @Manishpanwar ,

Firstly, we’re delighted and immensely thankful to you for agreeing to be our first adopters and beta users. Your trust in us has given us the confidence to build a robust product that we hope will transform lives of Indians travelling abroad.

Feedback about the product has been pouring in and we’re putting our best foot forward to fix every loophole that has been pointed out before we roll Niyo Global by SBM out in the market.

While we’re at it, we have a small request for users in the pre-onboarding stage -

Please write to us at with your concerns + registered mobile number + screenshots so we don’t miss out on any of the queries and resolve them on priority.

This will also help us track the queries better.

Thanks in advance!