Equinox Reward Points

How many days after making the transaction on debit card does it reflect on equinox rewards portal?

Also make a way to see the rewards in the app!

Atfirst activate my account its frozen temporary block last 45days I send lot msgd

Hey @SPalani82765008 ! Could you please raise a ticket regarding the same to our Customer Support Officer from NiyoX app? We’ll pick it up from there.


Daily one or two complain I have 45 ticket number but not solve

It takes 7 days to credit equinox points to your account after the date you earned the points

Hope it helps

I received debit card ATM go generated pin number display seen stolen,broken lost conduct nearest branch

If you’ve lost your debit card block it via the app and reorder a replacement card

The partnership with equitas is making the experience worse. Some communication from niyo some from equitas lot of chaos. The reward point system doesn’t have clarity from niyo side. Can’t believe this 7 day time thing rn.