Enable Online/E-Com transactions only through IDFC First Bank app?

Today I got a message,

Dear Customer, as per RBI guidelines, Online/e-comm transactions on your IDFC FIRST Bank Debit Card ending xxxx have been disabled. To enable, click https://idfcfir.st/4d812

The link downloads a pdf with the steps to enable.

There is no option to enable this in Niyo IDFC application. The mentioned steps require us to download a separate IDFC First Bank application and thereby creating username/password for the new app.

This is not a pleasant experience for a customer to manage two different applications for a single bank account. I believe all the interactions for Niyo IDFC customer should happen only through Niyo app and not IDFC.

Hey Parvez! Welcome to the Niyo Community! We are looking into this and we will be back with you shortly. LK

When it will be fix please

We are trying to get this resolved within the next 48 hours or so. We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused. LK

Same issue here. Unfortunately, even after I activate in Netbanking / Mobile app the payments still don’t go through. Customer care is telling me that it’s not IDFC / NIYO’s issue and I need to check with Amazon. I’ve already tried with Amazon and Flipkart.

Really bad experience.

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