Early Delivery of NiyoX card

Hello sir/mam. May I know/contact the delivery agent of my NiyoX card?
My card is expected to arrive on/before October 1 but I will be traveling to foreign on 17 Sept. If possible, I can travel and pick up/ arrange to pickup in nearby city/state so that I may get the card before my travel.

Hey @Rahul_bhar ! Welcome to Niyo Community. We’re happy to have you aboard :airplane:
The debit card will take upto 15 days for delivery. After the production of debit card, it is directly handed over to the courier partners for seamless delivery to your communication address, so you cannot visit the partner bank’s branch to get the debit card.


Thanks sir. I was about to leave in few hours for my flight but almost as if a planned surprise the courier got delivered with my card just now.
Really appreciate the fast delivery.
Glad to be onboard :airplane: !


Hey @Rahul_bhar ! We’re glad that we could help you out! Let us know what you loved about NiyoX and give us a feedback if would like to see anything that has room for improvements.

Bon voyage :airplane:

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