Dosent meet the requirements of ckyc?

It says, it dosent meet the ckyc requirements? Whats the issue, i dont know. Like atleast let me know what is the thing thats not meeting your requirement.
What is the criteria at the 1st place?

Hey @Charan_Amogh_Raj! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Kindly share the screenshot of the Niyo SBM app where you’ve been stuck while onboarding so that we can have a closer look into it and assist accordingly.


Hi ,
This is in regards to the CKYC error I got while onboarding.
I can share my CKYC number with you.
I also checked my PAN and Adhar are linked, they have the same DOB and Name .
So all looks correct at my end , then why am I getting this error ?

Looking forward to heaing from you soon.