Doesn't feel like Premium account

Hi team,

I’m holding 5 digit balance in my NiyoX account, but features are same as for who holding balance less than Rs.1000 is not fine.

If you guys doesn’t provide premium experience/features for high balance account holders, then no use to keep such balance.

Hey @bellboy ! Welcome to :niyo_community: Community. NiyoX is a digital savings account that decodes banking for Millenials and gives them the reign to their finances. Most importantly, it’s a light and smart solution sans the tediousness, unlike traditional banking.

Lately, we have introduced some cool features. To sum it up, with NiyoX you can enjoy benefits like:

To know about many more such amazing features, peek here: NiyoX - Equitas SA

Also, we’re coming up with In-App UPI which is to be launched in the upcoming month(s). Want to help us build UPI for you? Go ahead and pick your favorite features here: #TellUs > Which of these UPI features do you prefer?

If you have further concerns or queries, feel free to reach out to us again!


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