Does NiyoX work in Chile


Does NiyoX work in Chile?
Also are Forex markup charges still zero (apart from VISA exchange rates)?

Thanks and Regards,
Wriju Bharadwaj

Hey @Wriju_Bharadwaj! Yes, the NiyoX card should work in Chile. All international transactions will be processed based on live Visa exchange rates with the latest NiyoX debit card (which has Tap & Pay option). There are no additional forex markup charges. We recommend carrying all international transactions in the country’s local currency. DO NOT opt to convert the currency and complete the transaction at any ATM or POS machine.

Thanks for your reply. But I needed a confirmed answer.

The word ‘should’ implies may or may not work.

To put the question in a different way if VISA is accepted with merchants in Chile, will NiyoX work in Chile?

YES. NiyoX works in Chile with all the merchants who accept Visa cards.

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