Do i need to maintain 25k in idfc?

Hey Vinay, please can you tell me whether Niyo IDFC is a zero balance account or i need to maintain 25k. IDFC customer care they telling me to maintain 25k minimum balance.

Hello @Arun_Kumar
AFAIK the niyo idfc account minimum balance depended upon the date of account opening. Initially, they all were 0 balance accounts, they then required 10k minimum balance but reverted back to 0 balance accounts.
I also have a niyo idfc account but haven’t been asked to maintain 25k balance. Can you check if it has been converted into the signature account which requires 25k AMB?

Yes i contacted IDFC bank. They were telling me to main 25k

If you are using the idfc bank app, can you check the account type?
I have both the accounts, the signature one reflects as savings regular while the other one reflects as SA alliances because it was opened when Niyo and IDFC made an alliance. For how long have you not maintained the 25k AMB? The bank levies charges on not maintaining it and also notifies via text message if it is not maintained.
Have you received any such text message?
Also, branch people call because they have to show the total account balances for performance assessment. It has happened with me as well in the past but I simply refused them.