Disabling locks on card


On the NiyoX debit card page, it says at the top that i have to order the visa debit card to disable all locks. I did that but to my dismay, the locks are still on

Apparently, the chat support person updated me that i have to wait for my physical card to be delivered for me to disable all locks.

My query is that for other banks like ICICI or Kotak, once i place an order for a new debit card, a digital one is automatically uploaded to my app,even before a physical one is delivered. I can use that digital card as any physical card and enable all transactions normally.

That is not the case with Niyo and I would like to understand why. Moreover, none of this information is provided on the app or in the FAQs clearly. I need my card for a trip abroad for forex transactions. A digital copy of the debit card would have been so helpful.

Also the communication is misleading at the top of the page. It should have said that ‘order your card and once you receive it, you can disable all locks’.

Hey @Nayan702! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Once your NiyoX account is activated, you will be able to view a pre-activated Visa Classic debit card in your NiyoX app under the ‘Card Settings’ option. Using your virtual card, you can make online transactions.

Once you request a physical debit card through your NiyoX app, you will be receiving a Visa Platinum debit card. The card details on the Visa Classic card and the Visa Platinum card are different. On receiving the card, and activating it, you’ll be able to view your Visa Platinum card details in your NiyoX app and you’ll be able to change the modes of transaction.

However, we’ve duly noted your feedback and will forward it to our team to see if can make any changes.


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