Difference in USD withdrawal rate

The USD-inr rate is now 75.02
But the card is doing transaction in 75.5
And also the ATM limit is 1 lac inr.
Which is more than 1300$
But I can withdraw only upto 1177$.

Hi @Sharif_Ahmad,

INR 75.02 is the average of buy and sell rate of USD. Normally, the buy rate would be over 75.02 (just like 75.5) in your case and sell rate would be lower than 75.02. Visa decides those as it gives you the exchange rate and these are very competitive and even better than most of the market rates.

Talking about your limitation to withdraw $1177 max, that could be the ATM limitation but @ashrithjain would be able to explain it better if it’s something else.



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