Difference between NiyoX debit card and Niyo Global debit card?

Hi, I’ll be going to Canada for my higher education.
When I was looking for a forex card, I see both these cards have zero markup fees.

So, is there any advantage of using Niyo Global Card over NiyoX debit card?
Please assist me with this.


@Shantanu_Ade This question has been answered couple of times on this forum. Forum has a search feature. Feel free to use it.
You should find almost all the answers you might be looking for by using the search feature.

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Both have same features albeit that only Niyo SBM Global has airport lounge access and NiyoX doesn’t at the moment
Also if traveling it’s better to keep NiyoX as a backup as the Niyo SBM card sometimes doesn’t work as it’s still in Beta version

Hope this helps

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Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
This really helped!

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