Difference between NiyoX and Niyo SBM

I want to understand the difference in above

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Here are some differences between NiyoX and Niyo Global by SBM

Know more about NiyoX: https://www.goniyo.com/niyox-equitas/
Niyo Global by SBM: https://www.goniyo.com/global/


Hi CKYC for NEO GLOBAL FOREX - I have the KYC since a year ago
I am stuck since months while as my friend created account in minutes
It's about selection between niyo card for international transection
Account creation problem
Why hasn't my account been created? It's been more than 15 days.
Waiting for account activation
Niyo Global Account Not Created
Processing wealth account? Please solve immediately i want physical card and ih
Waiting For Activation
Stuck on processing your wealth account for more than 10 days
CKYC and AAdhar name mismatch
I applied for new account in niyo global but mu account not open yet my name is sahil bansal
Stuck @Processing of WEALTH ACCOUNT
Account showing being created from past 4 days
Account creation pending since 3-4 weeks
Wealth Account creation process stuck
Need clear steps to pass open GoNiyo
Account creation pending - please action asap
Niyo global account creation stucked
Can someone help me out with this.. I can't create my account on sbm
It is showing account opening will take ,5-7 business days
I cannot open my Account
SBM account not opened
Not able to create account
New account creation is stuck
Niyo Global account creation pending since a week !
Update on ticket 1413819
Comparing to choose between NiyoX and Niyo Global by SBM
How much need is taken to create an account
Stucked on wealth account processing for more than 2 weeks. It is showing your wealth account is processing this is not so good to wait this long for account creation, please try to solve it asap
Hi, my account has been in processing state from more than 15 days now. I’ll be flying in a week. Can you kindly look into the issue right a way fix it….
Account creation delayed.!!!
Wealth account still processing
Not able to Signup due to CKYC problem
Account creation got stuck
Stuck at account creation
I’m stuck with the wealth account since 5 days please help me because I’m travelling next week
CKYC issue, I am having this kind of problem, what should I do?
Regarding forex card
Hi CKYC for NEO GLOBAL FOREX - I have the KYC since a year ago
Ckyc issue how to resolve this issue
Proxy server error while attempting video KYC
Wealth account pending
Wealth account processing for more than 12 days now
About the CKYC issue
My wealth account hasn't been created even after 15 days
About the CKYC issue
Wealth account created but account not active
Ckyc failed . Account can't create
Not created my account
Processing time for Wealth Account.
CKYC Error while creating the account
Stuck with wealth account
Wealth account is in processing
Account opening delayed
Account not creating
Stuck at processing your wealth account screen for over 2 weeks
Account creation pending since 3-4 weeks
Account creation is pending
Speed up Account activation
Ckyc updated open account
Ckyc updated open account
Ckyc updated open account
Taking long time to open account
Signing Up - Aadhaar Issue
Wealth Account Creation
My account is not activated yet
When our account will open sir
It is showing it will take 15 days to open the account

Can you please provide the selected airport names its will help me to take the benifits.

Hey @CarolinMerces! To know more about airport lounge access, check our previous post: #FeatureUpdate > Airport Lounge Access ✈️


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