Difference between Niyo Global and NiyoX

Can someone from the team elaborate the differences between Niyo Global and NiyoX please.


Hi @Ayush_Jain ,

Here is the major difference between Niyo Global by SBM and Niyo Global By DCB;

  1. Forex markup for Niyo Global - DCB & Niyo Global - SBM are both zero. You will get currency convertor in both apps for real time rates.
  2. Niyo SBM is a savings account earning you upto 5% on deposits and gives you ability to create UPI id using any third party app once you get the card. Niyo Global being on current account platform does not have these two features. Niyo SBM offers signature card, a higher variant to platinum card offered in Niyo DCB.
  3. 0MAB but 5K deposit needed to order Signature card.
  4. Niyo SBM card takes 7-15days for delivery.
  5. One other major difference is that, In Niyo DCB, for international POS transaction, you have to make sure that your account has at least 5% more amount than the amount you actually need for transaction as DCB debits this 5% as TCS at the time of transaction itself and revert after couple of days if the 7lac LRS limit is not breached. But this is not the case Niyo SBM as only the transaction amount gets debited
  6. Niyo Global by SBM is a Tap and Pay card
  7. Niyo Global by SBM has Upto 5% interest rates calculated on daily End of the Day balance


@Bansari thanks for your quick response, but I was asking for the difference between Niyo Global and NiyoX :sweat_smile:

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Oops! :slight_smile:

Well, both are one of a kind in market;
I believe the answer to your questions could be here:

Hope this helps!