Didn't complete Ckyc

I didn’t complete kyc, the app is didn’t work properly, I want account open with you, pls help me

Hey Vigneshwaran! Welcome to the Niyo community! Looks like a glitch is stopping you from onboarding. We request you to retry after some time, you should be able to onboard without any issue. In case the problem persists I request you to write to us at global@goniyo.com with your registered email ID attaching a screenshot of the error. We’ll pick it up from there and help resolve this ASAP. Worry not, we’re here to help! :relaxed:

I will try 3 days, but app says the same error, pls help to open a account

Hi Vigneshwaran, we had responded to your inbox, kindly request you to share with us the required details to assist you better.

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It is so easy! to close an account - just don’t reply, check your in-box @goniyo has a policy for #autoclose of account!
But KYC is yet to be figured out - maybe it is a question of policy (They never share the details in the open forum?) a pdf would help of course!