Didn't asked otp or received acknowledge after doing international transaction

I did 2 international transaction in euros, money deducted just when I entered the card details, they didn’t asked for otp or anything for security. Then didn’t received any acknowledgement in mail or sms after deducting the money.

It won’t be safe if someone see our card details.
I hope niyo global team will solve this issue.

Hey @Jimson_Jimmy

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Our transaction is secured with 2FA( two factor authentication) payment gateway. However, few websites does not require the above gateway, uses a different mode of processing payment. We recommend you to connect with the merchant to receive the acknowledgement receipt for your purchase.

Ranjith M

Hello sir,
I only just entered the debit card details and the money just deducted from my account. I didn’t even received acknowledge or any otp or pin to process the payment.

Hi @Jimson_Jimmy, OTP is not required on some websites, If any website didn’t request an OTP, kindly double-check with that website. For any further assistance kindly reach out to Live chat support from the App or write to us at global@goniyo.com our team will be happy to assist you better. Thank you!