Delete Niyo Money Account

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How can I delete Niyo Money account? Even the kyc details from your end?

Hi Abhishek, sorry to hear that you want to delete the Niyo Money account. To do so you can email us using the Support option on the app.

Also, can you please share your feedback on why you wish to delete your account?

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Already did the mail.
I feel the whole Niyo Fintech products are Half Baked. No one service has a USP over its competition, be it NiyoX or Niyo Money. I’ll save you from details. Hope you understand.
A product is sold on the premise of what it does NOW at the time of sales and not with the promises of future improvements.
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Abhishek Narang


Thanks for the feedback Abhishek! Since NiyoX is a new platform we are working hard to bring new features and to improve the existing ones. I understand that the product right now may not be at the stage that fulfils your needs. Niyo Money on the other hand, is a matured product specially for Mutual Funds. You can check out the USPs of Niyo Money in comparison to other Mutual Fund investment platforms here: Niyo Money Features and Comparison | Best Mutual Fund Platform

We are also looking for ideas on what to build. So I would love to know in detail what are your needs or problems that you’d like us to solve.

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