Delete my account because its stuck with wrong info

I have an account registered with number +91 9717737803, Its stuck with PAN or Aadhar information that is not connected to number.

Hey @Robinson_Massey! Welcome to Niyo Community!

The above screenshot says that you’ve already used your PAN number to onboard for Niyo Global with a different mobile number. It may not be possible to reuse the same details again. We kindly request you try completing the previous onboarding procedure. For any further help, you may reach out to our live chat support through the Niyo Global app.


Sir, No account is in use. And I can’t complete any account due to number and card being different. This one says Pan is connected and other one says number does not match Aadhar so can’t proceed.

@Robinson_Massey Did you get a solution to this problem?

Same is my issue. I mean my brother is also stuck with the same scenario. Niyo team please suggest how to proceed further with this

No sir, still stuck with 2 unusable accounts. If there is this 1 simple option to change or remove entered pan card at account creation step, all would had been simple