Delete KYC details

I have filled my KYC details wrong in NiyoX & I am not getting any option to correct it. Now, I am Stuck, neither I can create an account (do full KYC) as my KYC details are wrong, nor I can delete my KYC details as I am not getting any option to delete those details…

Please help me to delete my KYC details.

Hi @abhiisahu

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Kindly DM us your registered number with screenshot of the error page where the information have been filled and we shall look into it.


I have provided wrong details (and the app is showing the same problems…), I have provided Adhaar card details of one person & pan card details of another person, this is my mistake…


I want to resolve this, I want to delete the Adhar card details that I have provided…

Please tell me what to do now!

Curious to know :thinking: why would you do that?


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