Delayed KYC Verification

This is the third time I have booked for KYC verification! I transferred money into niyo account without knowing the withdrawal limits before kyc and now am stuck with no money and no KYC Verification.

The support team only asks me to reschedule and they do nothing else.

If someone knows how to close the account and then I can reopen and deposit only limited amount. Now there is again 40mins more for the kyc to be verified and after that I have to reschedule again.

Hi @aaronlivera we’ve shared your details with our KYC partner (Ecom) and following up with them on a priority basis. Please be assured, our KYC team will reach out to you at the earliest and help you with the completion of biometric formalities at your doorstep.

I haven’t got my kvc verified yet! And now there is even bigger issue! Am not even able to reschedule! Wow! Wat a wonderfull defeat!

Now I really have a zero balance account as the bank has advertised! Even though I have balance in the account I have no control over it!

I have been having issues with this bank right from the start!

  1. I opened thinking it will be activated within 5 mins! It took about 2 to 3 days that too after reporting the issue. If I hadn’t reported the issue would have been still an issue.

2.i transferred money into the account thinking I could use it. Only then I knew that I can use only transfer for my use of ₹5000 daily.

Okay but still

  1. After transferring ₹5000 daily inorder to keep up with my demands I was faced with server issues

And now am unable to even reschedule a kyc?

I wonder even after a successful kyc how much more issues am I going to face? This will have an impact big time.

Hi @aaronlivera

We understand that this has been a bit of a bumpy ride for you. Rest easy, we are here to make this right! We have escalated this issue on the highest priority and we will make sure that the Biometric verification for your account should be completed by tomorrow EOD.


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