Debit or Credit Card

Hi all,

I am a little confused when using this card.
Q1. When making payments in India (on Ecomm) I should select Niyo Global card as a Debit or Credit Card?

Q2. Same question as above, but in case of making payments out of India?

Thanks in advance.

It’s a debit card as the underlying account is a current account.

You can make purchase on ecom by selecting debit card option as it was a debit not credit.

Hi @Rushabh30

In Myntra this card is automatically showing as credit card.

but its not a credit card !
many sites show debit card as credit card . Dont get confused .

Nice question, just noticed am getting many “flags” for Niyo card as a Credit Card. (Realising after using for more than a year…!)
The latest revelations:

  • CRED app allows adding Niyo card as a Credit Card
  • Razorpay identifies this card as Credit Card
  • On my recent payment on Duolingo app for exam fees, it accepted Niyo (while Duolingo accepts only Credit Card)