Debit freeze on new Niyo IDFC account

I opened a Niyo IDFC account on Nov 30th and on Dec 2nd activated UPI etc. However I am not able to transfer money out of my account, it says there is a debit freeze. I also hold an IDFC savings account so the Niyo IDFC account was linked to same customer id. I can see the account via my existing netbanking login as well.

I raised a ticket on Dec 2nd (837684), its been 7+ days and still no resolution. You are effectively holding my money hostage for no reason.

Can I get some help on this please?

Hey Varkey! Welcome to the Niyo Community! We sincerely apologize for the hassle. We have escalated your issue and checking with the team for an update. We will be back with you shortly. LK

Thanks Lucky! Please keep me posted.

It got resolved yesterday, finally. Took more than 10 days. :expressionless:

I am having the same issue

Good luck, will take a long time for them to fix it. Open a ticket right away.

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Seriously it has been so frustrating…at every step i have encountered some hell of a problem…lets hope they dont waste my more time

I also have the same issue kindly look into it.

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