Debit card not working

I try To do by my self from both app but not working while doing transaction by card show this message

Hey @Naveenthapa97 . After enabling the card locks from NiyoX mobile app, you will have to set card limits manually in NiyoX app. Try to set the card limits and try to perform the transaction again. Let me know if this works.

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Iam rajendra Kumar. My debit card not working because card was blocked. Debit card last ending number 4793 please start

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@raj1992 . Firstly, welcome to Niyo community. Kindly try these steps and let me know if this works.

As I am trying to use my visa debit card for payments on Amazon website, everytime the bank is declining it!
I even changed the respective limits of the debit card!
Kindly the rectify the problem

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In how many days card was delivered .
i have ordered one but it has been 5 days i haven’t received any tracking id or anything .

Card was delivered within 4 to 5 days but what’s the use of it when it is not working?

No proper customer support also available on this issue right now!

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Hey @Pjames . Firstly, welcome to Niyo community. After you receive your debit card and activate it, make sure to manually set the card locks and card limits. Try this and let me know if this works. If you have any other queries, feel free to reach out again!

Incase you want to perform international transactions, after enabling the international transaction card lock from NiyoX mobile app. You will also have to call to Equitas Customer care and inform them that you want to perform international transactions. Here’s how you can reach them, call them at 1800 103 1222.

I have done all above mentioned activities as u specified on the receipt of the debit card but nothing is working!
Better to close my account
Please don’t tell me to visit bank…
Thanks for ur response!

Hey. I have guided you with all the troubleshooting steps possible. Kindly DM either Bansari or Lucky and your issue will be resolved at the earliest. Just do this and your debit card will work just fine. You don’t need to visit bank at any instance.

Same problem here, I have unlocked the digital debit card and all transaction types has been selected yet the payment is repeatedly failing while using Amazon. After all what’s the use of this meaningless debit card which can’t anyway be used for physical money withdrawal from ATMs and also now the online transactions are failing… absolutely non-sense system. Plus the NiyoX app is hanging like hell. If with such a small customer base which I suppose is max of 5k this is the condition what will happen if you are able to grow…god knows

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is your problem solved
i am also stucked in same shit… virtual debit card is not working
says bank blocked it

then whats the use of this online paperless zero balance bla bla bla account

is your problem solved ?

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I guess this is a common issue for all new customers that debit card don’t work. It takes a while to update the online usage settings applicable on the DC to the servers.

Hi @Vayanak_Maut @KeshArindam ,

Could you please bring this to the notice of support team? you can reach out to them from NiyoX App > Menu > Support

Do make sure to add declined receipts on the same.


If you are using some payment gateway, then try entering your card details in the credit card option instead of the debit card. The new cards work that way, at least from my experience on using them on Paytm. They don’t work on Mobikwik and on Amazon I guess there is a single option. On Mobikwik, it reflects as an international card, so maybe give it a try after enabling international transactions. I can’t comment on the ATM withdrawals, have not tried them yet.

This is the response from the mobikwik team on the debit card issue: -

What has to be done here now? I did not face this issue with the old card I had which did not have that contactless feature. Right now I have the green black card (dark halftone). Is the issue for the other cards as well, the light halftone?

how long is this going to take?

@shikharmakkar : As said before, the merchant is reading the BIN wrong. The merchant will have to update the BIN as a domestic BIN. We have no involvement in the same.