Debit Card Not Working Since 5 Months

My debit card isn’t working from the moment it arrived set card limits activated the card still it isnt working its been 4-5 months can someone help me ?

Hey @Darshank5! Welcome to Niyo Community!

This shouldn’t have happened and we are sorry about it. We kindly request you replace your card with a new one through the NiyoX app. To know how to do that, you may check our previous post here: How to change card - #2 by Bansari


Why are you guys charging for a defective card i dont need to pay 177 rupees for replacement of a defective card

Hey @Darshank5! Kindly share any proof or a transaction declined slip (due to card issue) that you have received while using your defective card and we’ll reimburse the card replacement fee once you receive your new card.


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