Debit card delivered to wrong adress

I had created my account using the app, I was already an Idfc bank customer so no kyc was needed. I had gotten my communication address updated with the idfc bank one week ago, and I was guaranteed by Niyo support that I can proceed with on boarding and my card will be delivered to my new address. Ticket number 828701 was raise by me and I was assured of the delivery.

Now, the card was attempted to be delivered at my old address. I told the delivery boy to send it back. I wrote an email to your escalations team, I have written THREE emails in one 5 days, and received ZERO responses. My actual DEBIT CARD was sent to the WRONG ADDRESS, and now there is absolutely no sign of either my card, or your support.

Can I please get a response or have my card delivered to my actual address?

It’s been 2 days and no response here either.

8 days and now my account is frozen :smile:

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