Debit card activation

I received my debit card.

What if i activate my debit card after 1 year ?

I want to activate my debit card after my virtual card get expired,

Is it possible to Activate ?
Or my physical debit card expire too without activation.

I guess the virtual card number is same as the debit card assigned to you. So, what is the benefit of not activating it? The fee would still be charged for every renewal year, which is the month printed on your card. It has nothing to do with activation date.

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Bro virtual card number and debit card numbers are different…
Plzz dont provide any wrong information if you don’t know…

Hey Vijender! You can activate it whenever you wish to. The card expiry should be mentioned on the card itself and doesn’t expire automatically after a period of one year. LK

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Hey Shikhar! Only after the physical card activation, your virtual card gets replaced with the physical card details. Moreover, the first-year fee is already waived off for all customers onboarding till 31st March 2022. LK

That is why I wrote ‘I guess’

Yes, I’m aware of this thing.

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