Deactivation of the NiyoX physical debit card

Hi! I don’t wish to have a physical debit card, and just maintain the digital SB account. However, the card is Obviously issued automatically after my KYC. Hence, the right thing to do will be not activating it at the first place. So my query is, 1) will I be charged annual fee even though i don’t activate my card?
2)If I don’t activate my card, what happens to my “Virtual debit card” after one year?
3) Can i still keep using my account, as I’m not in need of cards from NiyoX?

I have exactly the same doubt…it would be a great help if someone would address it… I have contacted customer support and they told me that after activating physical card… Digital card will be blocked… And the only way to use physical card services is to permanently block it… Thus i would prefer digital card for lifetime

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