DCMS Error 370 thrown while enabling ATM withdrawal option

Dear All,

I’d like to know the number of users facing this error while enabling ATM withdrawal option under advanced card settings on the app. I have reported this error 3 weeks back and Niyo support is still working on this issue. People facing the same can like my post to determine if it’s an individual user specific issue or a bug in the app :+1:

Hi @Tousif27,

I registered this complaint on August 27th. Niyo told me that it will be resolved on September 25th. Let’s see!

Even I experienced same issue, but after getting the physical card I was able to enable it.

@Alan_Abraham and @Sainath201,

Thank you for the updates, let’s see if this gets resolved with the above ETA given.

Hi @Tousif27,

Try checking ATM card settings now. DCMS Error 370 is resolved just now. Update the app to latest version before enabling the features.

Hey @Alan_Abraham,

Im on the latest version and still get this error… Did you hear back officially from Niyo or was it just that you tried something and it worked ?


I was also facing the DCMS 370 error. To remove it you have to register for netbanking in IDFC site, then order the physical card from the netbanking portal . After that you will be able to change the ATM withdrawal and netbanking limits. You will also be able to enable ATM withdrawal option.

Hi @Tousif27

I didn’t get any official confirmation from Niyo. Just randomly checked as I do everyday, and alas, it worked! Don’t know it is completely resolved for everyone. But still didn’t receive the ATM card.


Maybe this is a good workaround. Even I applied for ATM card from IDFC website couple of days back. Though didn’t get any confirmation SMS / Email from IDFC yet.

Still I don’t understand why Niyo can’t do anything on this serious issues since over a month.

Hey @Alan_Abraham,

Did you hear from Niyo in regards to Niyolympics goodies by any chance ?


Hi @Tousif27,

I contacted customer care and got reply that my gifts are despatched. I’ll update once I receive it.

Though I didn’t get any official confirmation email / SMS from Niyo stating the same.

How did you know that you have won the goodies? Did you get any notification on the app? I got a notification on my mobile home screen from Niyo app that I won this goodie, however it’s not displaying inside the app when I open it.

I didn’t get any such notification. As I said in my previous message, I contacted customer care in WhatsApp and got the information that gifts are despatched. You will also get it. Just wait for couple of days. DTDC Courier will be delivering the parcel.

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Not received any message. Also anyone’s 370 error got solved? This is extremely frustrating when for opening account it took just 5 mins but for using a stupid card it’s been almost one month. And the best thing is if you use the money available in the bank for any recharge or anything just to test then you get penalty for not maintaining the balance.

Hi @Ankuronedge

I have found a workaround for DCMS ERROR 370 and getting debit card.

  1. Register for Internet banking in IDFC First Bank website.

  2. Apply for Niyo IDFC Debit Card through IDFC Netbanking.

  3. Alas! DCMS ERROR 370 is resolved. Now you can activate all the features of Debit card in Niyo App + You will get debit card delivered within a week depending upon your location.

NB: Niyo couldn’t provide any resolution for DCMS ERROR 370 & Debit Card delivery even after 1 month.

Got my merchandise :slight_smile:

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Me too received yesterday :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Alan,
Thank you so much for replying and for letting me know the process. As of now I did the net banking and applied for the debit physical card from the option available in the net banking dashboard. Hope I get is soon.

I wanted to know what is this freebie all about? I am really surprised that I have not received a single mail from IDFC about welcoming for the account. Niyo too has not given any detailed clarity as to whats the procedure for net banking or for applying for the card and I have been chasing them for 1 month.

Please let me know if will I get this freebie too?

Hi @Ankuronedge,

Good to know that you were able to order the debit card via above method. Hope you will receive it soon.

Also did you check in Niyo app that DCMS ERROR 370 Is resolved or not?

This method is not provided by Niyo, that’s why you didn’t get communication regarding this. Even I waited over a month for a solution and finally I sort out the problem by myself :joy:

Finally regarding the gifts, it is nothing related to account opening. A campaign called Niyolympics 2.0 was going on during last month. Those who participated and eligible for that will receive the merchandise.

Hope this helps!