Data retention policy

I had referred a friend to niyo global and the account creation is stuck for her.

I recommend that she stop that process and request removal of all the data as the account has not been created. What is your data retention policy?

You are losing even customers who used to like you due to extremely poorly managed onboarding experience.

Hey @Shan! Welcome to Niyo Community!

We’d like to have a closer look into the account details of your friend. It would be great if she can reach out to our live chat support or write to us at and we’ll help her further.


Let me clarify the question.

What is the data retention policy BEFORE the account is opened? You take all the documents needed to process. If the account is not opened then how long is that data present on your or the partner bank’s servers?
Since the user is not a customer, how do you request the same to be deleted and confirmed?