Dark Mode and Monthly Interest Deposit

First of all - Amazing UI. It is getting better with each update and I can easily access everything I need on the same page. Customer support is one of the fastest I have seen. Kudos to all working behind to make this happen.

I have 2 suggestions - Dark Mode for NiyoX App. In this Gen, everyone is into Dark mode for mobile phones and the NiyoX App is so bright. Dark Mode in the App would look more cool to access the app and also many members will like it.

Deposit of interest - As I understand interest is deposited on a quarterly basis to the accounts based on the EOD balance. There should be a column in the App where I can see the amount of interest I have accumulated, I don’t think this is hard but it will bring more customers and you can gain trust of members by being more visible and like you say nothing is hidden.

The other thing with interest is that, instead of quarterly deposit of the interest. Monthly deposit would look more intriguing to be a part of NiyoX as you can show the customers power of compounding too.

These features will attract more customers to join the platform and also be part of Fintech revolution in process.

Sincerely hoping to see these updates at the earliest.

Looking forward to see Niyo making an impact and a mark in this new world.

Hi @Punith ,

Thank you for sharing this detailed feedback with us. We highly believe that feedback from our users is the best way to keep improving our services and we treat feedback with the utmost care and we will take steps to improve the area you mentioned.


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