Daily Transfer Limits forced me to pull out all my money from Niyox account

I am a full kyc customer. I pushed plenty of amount in my niyox account. But due to emergency I need to transfer some amount from niyox account to another account. But it sucked while transferring because of the daily transfer limits they set on imps. I could not withdraw more than 2 lacs in a day. Also there is limit of 50000 on upi.
Suppose I need to transfer 2+1 lacs from niyox account to 2 different accounts, it allows 2 lacs through imps and 50000 from upi. Now I need to wait for next day to transfer the remaining 50000 amount. No bank limits only 2 lacs per day through Imps. It seems like a kids account for small transactions. You cannot transfer 2 lacs +2 lacs to two different accounts in 1 day. First transaction of 2 lacs will be successful but for another transaction you have to use neft which occurs only if amount is more than 2 lacs.

Hey @Arpit_Jain . Welcome back to Niyo community. Here’s the list for all the transaction limit that is applicable for NiyoX.

P.S: Max. Transaction Limit is ₹10,00,000 per day.

If you have further queries, feel free to reach out again!

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