Customer Service of equitas

Am a new user of niyo x. Recd a mail from equitas that account is created. Mail was not encrypted and hence mail provider blocked images.

Spoken on chat bot, was asked to write or contact equitas customer service. All this happened on 16th Jul 21.

Tel no keep me in waiting, longest being 15 minutes after which I hanged up. Mail written on 16th Jul, with 2 reminders till date, has no answers.

I am scared now, if they really have any such dept called customer service

Hi @Ashish_Jain ,

Welcome to the Niyo Community!

This shouldn’t have happened :frowning: and that’s absolutely not the kind of experience we want our valuable customers to have. While I write this to you a strong feedback has been provided to the concerned team.

How about you brief us with your query? we will make sure all your concerns are thoroughly addressed. We promise :innocent:


I have already briefed everything in detail. Niyo help support says, it could only be resolved by writing to customer service equitas, nothing can be done by niyox.

Mails are unanswered & phone nos have long queus.

Mail from customer care on 16th July, I am not able to read properly.

Ashish Jain

Hi @Ashish_Jain,

We have had a detailed look into it. We are following up with the Equitas Small Finance bank on the same. Would request you to kindly allow us sometime and we shall get back to you.

Appreciate your forbearance on the same.


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