Crediting gets failed. Account Balance not getting updated

I’m trying to credit my account through imps for the last two days and gets failed. Today I tried to transfer 24000 from HDFC and it’s showing transaction timed out. I’ve managed to transfer Rs 500 by phonepay app. The credit is showing in the transactions but the balance is not getting updated when I refresh. I’m going abroad after two days. My Rs 24000 is stuck somewhere. How can I get that amount? Can I proceed going abroad putting faith on this card ?
Account number 20012201878519

Does upi works for your sbm account ?

UPI is Not working. It shows my phone number is not linked. I have transferred Rs 24000 to the account from HDFC and got message transaction timed out. Account debited and don’t know where the money gone. My primary account is with Canara Bank. When contacted they told they will issue forex card today itself. I have to go abroad on Saturday.

How many days ago you have opened the niyo sbm account ?
For me too upi is not working and its getting very frustating.
Niyo ticket is pending for 2-3 days to no resolution , and when we contact SBM they say please contact Niyo we dont have any responsibility regarding your account.

I am unable to set Upi pin despite following all the steps mentioned by Niyo team . It showing technical error.
I have tried various third party apps as well as sbm app too to set upi pin to no avail.
Already logged complaint to you team and it has been more than 48 hours still its not resolved.

Also unable to transfer money from my account to any other account as its stuck on Processing screen only

Balance update shows " Unable to reach Bank servers. Showing last updated balance" from yesterday.


Most of the time Bank servers are down and I can’t make Money transfers from account.

1-even on checking balance it shows error " we are experiencing difficulty in reaching bank setvers . Please try after some time"

2- Transfer screen is stuck on "Processing "

3- Haven’t been able to set pin for my upi account from any of the third party apps.
Sometimes due to sbm server down , apps shows Unable to fetch accounts registered with this number. When at times it do fetch account details , on setting up the upi pin , it shows “UNABLE TO SET UPI PIN DUE TO TECHNICAL ERROR”.

I have already logged the ticket andnit has been more than 48 hours and still issues are not resolved.
With this type of service it leaves behind a sour taste to even try NeoBanks in future.

Seems frustrating. If you are going abroad in coming days better don’t use it as you are going to be in deep trouble if it not work overseas. Better contact your nearby bank they can issue card that can be used abrad.

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