Credit not reflected

Today at 7:32 am I transferred ₹17,000 to NiyoX. See the attachment.
Strangely I do not see the credit reflection in my NiyoX App. How long it takes to show the credit? Earlier even small amounts like ₹200 would get reflected in minutes.

Hey Swami!

For a successful NEFT transaction, the credit should reflect within 3-4 hours at the max. If you are yet to see the amount in your account, we’d urge you to immediately use the Live Chat option and share the transaction details with our team so that we can have this quickly checked for you. LK

Thanks for your kind suggestion! I tried to contact LiveChat. Unfortunately all team members seem to be very busy. I was directed to place my complaint via email. That’s ok. I have sent an email. Waiting!

Finally the money came back to my Jupiter account! It seems the NEFT TRANSFER failed. I couldn’t know the reason yet. Is NiyoX accepting only IMPS transactions?

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