Creating a account taking too long

Hey, I tried to create a account on niyo global, I uploaded every document required, but it’s been 3 days now, still the account is not created, please help me with this, because I need global card before 20 of December. Thanks and regards Nishan Singh @Bansari please help me with this

Hey @Nishan_Singh! Welcome to Niyo Community!

It looks like the account creation is pending with the bank. Our team has escalated this to the bank and is following up with them on a priority basis. Once the issue is fixed, your account will be created after which you’ll be able to order a physical debit card through the Niyo Global by SBM app.

In some rare instances, there might be an unexpected delay from the bank end. To avoid last minutes hurtles, we’d recommend you to try another product of ours i.e NiyoX which can be used as a 0 forex mark-up card.


I have created my account almost a week ago but the app still shows me “account creation pending”. On the other side, I am receiving monthly statements from SBM bank, Something looks fundamentally wrong.

Hey @Maheswaran! Welcome to Niyo Community!

We understand that you’ve tried to onboard for Niyo Global by SBM and you’ve been stuck at the Account Creation Pending page in your app but you are receiving the bank statements. A few of our users are also facing the same issue.

Usually, in such scenarios, your account has been created with the bank but it’s stuck while confirming the same to Niyo. We’ve already escalated this to the bank and are following up on a priority basis. We are expecting that the issue will be fixed by 10th of Dec. We’d request you to please wait until then.


Account creation shows pending for almost over 10 days. On the contrary, I have received this month’s bank statement from SBM. Something looks fishy. Folks please kindly fix the issue.


Also there is another problem. My mobile number is taken wrong. They have taken the number given for nominee as my mobile Number from the bank side. The app is working fine with my number.

You need to change the mobile number as well for completing the process.