#ContestAlert > Express your Love for Money with a song! #LoveMoney 💖

Hello people!

Valentine’s Day is almost here and there’s no better time than this to express your LOVE - for Money. :money_mouth_face:
So get grooving :dancer: and tell us one song that best expresses your love for money with #LoveMoney in the comments below.

The most interesting answers will win goodies - so you can save some more money eh? :wink:


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Money, Money, Money, Money, Mmmoonneyyy

For the love of money - The O’Jays

#LoveMoney :money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings:

Nothing better than these lines… :money_mouth_face:

#LoveMoney :dollar::euro::pound::money_with_wings:

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“Mujhe mil jo jaye thoda paisa”


#LoveMoney :money_mouth_face:

#LoveMoney :heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign:

#LoveMoney No one can describe my love for money better than my Instagram username…

and a song which describes it perfectly is

The lyics have these golden lines
“Hum jahan bhi Jayenge, jayenge flight se aaha,
Aur sunday manyenge Friday night se…haan”

Lucky winners of the #LoveMoney contest are @abyjosephbiju, @sairaj_wayne and @Alan_Abraham. Please DM me your contact details, here on Community. You will be receiving your vouchers within 2 weeks. Congratulations! Time to ‘Pawri’! :smiley:

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Thanks @Aswathy_Nambiar :blush::+1:

Congratulations for all winners! :tada::clap:

#LoveMoney :dollar::money_mouth_face:

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Thanks @Aswathy_Nambiar

Congratulations to fellow #Moneymakers
<3 #wealth #LoveMoney

Hi Aswathy,
Thanks for reaching out and selecting my entry for the contest. I wanted to know what all details are required and will it be if I send the details via email?

Hi Sairaj,

Just need your email ID. You can message it to me on community as well. You can find the option to send me a direct message once you visit my profile.

The pop up says I’m not allowed to personal text on the community…

If it’s okay I’ll share the details with you here.

Sairaj M.
+91 9082784719

Thanks & Regards