Contactless Debit Card

I have been using the NiyoX Physical debit card from last 1 month. I had a query about the Debit Card whether NiyoX provides Contactless (tap and pay) debit cards too? Because I received a normal debit card.

@Roy_0111 Niyo has contactless debit card available…it was launched a month back and you can upgrade to it for free…simply update app…launch app…go to card settings and block your existing card and order a new one…the replacement card will be contactless tap to pay card…there are no charges for ordering a replacement card and 0 annual charges for first year…from second year onwards ₹150+GST applicable but the charges maybe dropped in future following some certain criteria

Hope this helps


Hi @Roy_0111
If your existing card works well, be it online, ATMs etc, then I would suggest you to wait for a little more time.
There are some issues with new cards, some have reported it doesn’t work at ATMs, mine doesn’t work on Mobikwik, some even reported amazon. Till that issue is sorted, I would suggest you to wait.

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