Comparing to choose between NiyoX and Niyo Global by SBM


I was trying to compare between these two different type of accounts with the information available publicly. Accordingly, I will choose one to open the account.

As I see, NiyoX primarily offers higher interest rates as compared to Niyo global. Forex charges and other travel benefits are the same for both NiyoX Equitas and Niyo Global. With this, why would anyone open an account in Niyo Global at all? Wouldn’t they always go for NiyoX Equitas? I have attached a screenshot citing the difference.

Please highlight/ let me know what crucial information or difference am I missing apart from the ones listed in the screenshot attached?


Hi @rohit_bansal, yes difference to which you refer is correct. In Niyox you will not be having airport lounge facilities. Wherein for SBM you have airport Lounge access, the Niyo Global account comes with one complimentary Airport Lounge access per quarter at select airports within India.

Here is the link to check out the participating airports: for any further assistance kindly write to us at our team will be happy to assist you better.

So, I am not interested in airport lounge access.
However, I would need better interest rates and minimum transaction and forex charges. With this, Can I say it is better to go for a Niyox account?

Hey @rohit_bansal! If you are looking for better interest rates, you may go with NiyoX


Yes better interest rates with an understanding that the charges w.r.t Forex is zero for both the accounts and only currency conversion is accounted for at the time of usage which is again the same for both the accounts?
So, I f I don’t care about the airport lounge access and ATM locator then , NiyoX is what I should go with right?

@rohit_bansal Even NiyoX has an ATM Locator facility in the app. So if you do not have a requirement for an airport lounge, you can go with NiyoX. Kindly note, that the annual charges for the NiyoX debit card have been revised from the 1st of Sept 2022. You may know more here: Difference between NiyoX and Niyo SBM - #2 by Deepak

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