Communication address

I have written incorrect communication address while opening my niyo x account. What should I do to change it so that my account full kyc can be done. Please answer asap.

Hi Ankit, unfortunately change of communication address before full KYC is not possible on the mobile app. You will have to visit the nearest Equitas bank branch or have someone from bank visit you, request you to call - 1800 103 1222 and get it checked. Regards

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Thanks Sir, now i have changed my communication address from Equitas Bank app successfully. Now please guide me how to change the address for full kyc visit as visit is already scheduled and there is no option to cancel current scheduled visit and create new with updated address. Because on scheduled date, visit will be made at my old address. So my full kyc procedure will be interrupted. Thanks in advance.

Hi Ankit,

Please share your number, I will have someone from my service team work with you and take this to closure.