Clarification of eligibility criterion for Niyo SBM

Hello Niyo Community,

Yesterday received a call from a person claiming to be a representative for Niyo and was asked why I had created an account with Niyo SBM despite having a NiyoX account.
Then he proceeded to say that the Niyo SBM Global account is exclusively for the purpose of people who are planning trips abroad and was asked to send in a copy of my passport to verify my account for lifetime if I’m not visiting abroad soon or I should close my account with Niyo SBM and use only NiyoX.

Now my question is please clarify the criterion for account opening at Niyo SBM Global as nothing was said of providing passport information neither was it said that one should visit abroad at that instant to open the account

Also I’ve been using that account to keep an emergency amount so can I keep using it as an savings account or should I withdraw the money

Yours humbly

Hey @ScottishBaron! Thanks for reaching out to us. Anyone who holds a NiyoX account can open Niyo Global by SBM account too. There is no criterion that you shouldn’t open Niyo Global by SBM account if you do not have a plan to travel abroad. You can add funds to your Niyo SBM account and can use your card within India too.

We’d request you not to share your passport details with anyone on their personal email or number. Also, it would be great if you can inbox us the mobile number through which you’ve received the call so that we can get this checked from our end.