Clarification about physical debit card

I want to know that is it mandatory to take physical debit card if I open NiyoX account today. My brother want to open a NiyoX account with free virtual debit card.
I saw some forcefully dispatch of physical debit card posts in the community.
So needs clarification from the team @Deepak

Hi @Sandi, hope you’re doing well! this is to inform you that your Classic Virtual Card comes pre-activated! Your Virtual Card will be displayed in your Niyo Equitas app immediately after account creation. The virtual debit card validity is of 1 year. your debit card will not be automatically dispatched, instead, please complete your full KYC and order a debit card whenever you wish. Thank you :blush:!

It’s ok, but is it mandatory to order physical debit card after doing full kyc

Hey, @Sandi not at all. It’s not mandatory to order the card. :blush:

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