CKYC problem - CKYC present but account cannot be created

Dear team,

I have completed my KYC. Even on the KYC status page it showing ‘normal kyc’.
After checking the records I also have a mail with the document of the central KYC registry and KYC identifier number.

Even after that I am getting the error - did not meet the outlined CKYC conditions.

Request your urgent assistance in resolving the issue at the earliest as I need the card within the next 2 weeks.

Hey @Aniket16 ! As per the above-shared screenshot, your CKYC status does not meet some of the prerequired criteria for onboarding. Hence, we won’t be able to onboard you as of now. Please do not worry! Our team is working on an alternative method to resolve the issue, once it is done. We will reach you with an email or pushup notification to complete the CKYC. - WB

Dear Sir,
With all due respect but I have repeated the same thing to every customer care correspondent who keep pasting this standard response.
I have the CKYC number + I have a full CKYC entry which I checked through the online portal…