CKYC Error - Update

Hi team, So I used to have a CKYC error saying that I did not meet requirements, and after contacting your support I found out that there was a simplified entry in one of the KYCs I had with CKYC registry.

Now, I have got the KYC updated to a full KYC mode and the same is reflecting on the CKYC registry. Also note that I was having the same error with a substitute company of Niyo, and it has been fixed now that I have updated CKYC.
However to get it to reflect in Niyo App as well, you will have to delete my last saved application details so that I can start new. It is ‘Resuming’ the last application instead of ‘Creating’ a new applciation request and fetching data again from CKYC registry.

Request you to please call me on my registered phone number so that I can elaborate further. The issue got fixed with a rival zero forex banking company and I’m sure it will work now for Niyo Global as well.

Hi @Varun_Mehta, if your KYC is registered as a full KYC. You can retry onboarding with the latest version of the app. If there is any issue that persists kindly write to us at our team will be happy to assist you better.

Yes Manisha, that’s what I’ve been trying to say.

The app is ‘Resuming’ my application and still showing the same error without fetching FRESH KYC records again. Hence I request you to kindly remove my application from your database so that I can start again and my fresh KYC record can be fetched. As mentioned, if you’d call me I’ll be able to better explain.

Also, the email id you provided is invalid.

Varunji aap ka niyo sbm account open ho gaya kya sir ?

Hi @Varun_Mehta, write to us at our team will do their best.

@Manisha_Radhakrishna @Deepak
I’m still waiting for a call.

All I am asking is for a callback, but I’m only getting the standard automated response which I got from them 1 year ago.
I have updates KYC but they would just tell me the reason for the error which came 1 year ago. They are not even re-initiating my application.
Atleast give me a call so that I can explain the issue as well as the solution for it.

@Manisha_Radhakrishna Never saw anyone had to beg so much just to get a callback from the customer agent!

@Vinay_Bagri @Virender_Bisht Would you guys be able to look into the CKYC issue which a very high number of your applicants are currently facing? I haven’t got any satisfactory response on email as well

Hello mam
I am bilal ahamd i am facing same situation regarding my ckyc update so plz help me out from this situation