CKYC Error I already have one

Already have ckyc number and the name in Ckyc, Aadhaar and pan is also same but still this guy didn’t solve my problem, I am trying since more than 2 weeks and my Ckyc was recently modified (re-kyc){MF Kyc} and is currently under process in CVL KRA but I received Email from ckyc that my Ckyc was modified but still the guy said we didn’t find any match in Ckyc database but said that he found my Ckyc but it didn’t match the conditions like what conditions?!! And I did try to reinstall and try again but received the same error again. kindly help me on this @Bansari @ashrithjain @Ranjith @Lucky .

Hey @Sachin ! Greetings from Niyo. The screenshot of the KYC Mode you’ve shared tells that the KYC Mode for that particular CKYC Entry is ‘DIGILOCKER’, but, inorder to open an account, the KYC Mode must be ‘NORMAL’. Hope you understand.

If you have any further queries, feel free to reach out again!


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I don’t get it why is it so? And when the kyc will be registered then would I be eligible?

The KYC Mode which is ‘NORMAL’ is considered as Full CKYC Entry, anything else is a minimum CKYC record. To onboard to Niyo SBM, we strictly check for a Full CKYC Entry.

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I recently Had kyc and here it shows KYC mode as Normal , will This be enough? . @ashrithjain @Bansari

By this I can now open an account in Niyo sbm right?? @ashrithjain @Bansari