cKYC Error despite cKYC being available

I’ve just received my CKYC details and I have opened a demat account too, however Niyo Global still tells me that they cannot find my details in the CKYC database. I looked up my PAN in the Karvy CKYC lookup and I found my details there. Please help me with this!

Guys please help me!

Hey @Nobel_Jaison ! Welcome to :niyo_community: Community. Sometimes, you may already have a CKYC record but your record wouldn’t have met the minimum requirements or conditions set by partner bank. Thus, we are unable to onboard you at the moment. However, we’re currently building an alternative KYC process for onboarding. Hope to serve you better next time.


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I also have my CKYC number now, but I am still getting the error. Please help me resolve this.

Hey @Swetha_Vengat! If you’ve recently got your CKYC number from your bank, it usually takes up to 21 days to get that number updated in the Central KYC repository. You may have to wait until then and try to onboard thereafter. You’ll be able to open an account if the onboarding criteria match.


2 months gone! Is the alternative KYC process ready?

Hey @LiberBliss! The alternate KYC process has not yet started. It may take some more time.