CKYC Acceptance Criteria

Hi Team,

Hope you all are doing great :slightly_smiling_face:.

I am trying to open niyo global account by SBM but facing CKYC error. I already have a CKYC number. After little analysis I found that my CKYC is linked to my passport not to my PAN CARD. I presume your system is looking for CKYC based on PAN… that’s the reason why I guess I am getting CKYC error.

Currently I’m trying to update my CKYC to link with PAN. For that all I wanted to know is acceptance criteria to pick CKYC… I mean in what condition your system is going to pick my CKYC number and what are all the mandatory things are are checking in CKYC and also please confirm linking CKYC to PAN is enough or any other mandatory proof linking is needed as per your requirement.

If you guys help me with above details I will update/reapply CKYC accordingly. So that when I am trying to create account again chances of picking my CKYC is more this time right.


Hey @Anvesh_Chinta ! Welcome to :niyo_community: Community. We completely understand your concern and we do apologize for the hassle. Having said that we regret to inform you that as of now we won’t be able to proceed with your onboarding as your CKYC data is not updated OR does not match our requirements.

A CKYC record is updated only if you hold a Mutual Funds account or a Bank account. The chances are you might already have these, but the bank or your mutual funds’ account partner might have not updated your KYC record in the directory.

While I write this we are working on an alternative for the same and you will be amongst the first ones to be informed of an update.