Chequebook for NiyoX Equitas savings account

Last year mods said chequebook issuance is in pipeline for NiyoX Equitas savings account. Any update on the same? Other banks are providing them free of cost in case the MAB is above a certain level. Any plans on that?

Hey @billubakra! You can follow the below steps to get the chequebook delivered to your communication address, via the Equitas Bank net banking portal

  1. Log in to Equitas Bank net banking portal
  2. Click on ‘Service Request’ > ‘Chequebook services’ > ‘Chequebook Request’ > ‘Proceed’

Please note that you will receive one chequebook with 10 cheque leaves. The chequebook will be delivered to your communication address in 7 - 10 working days. We request you to contact your home branch for updates on the delivery status.


Sir my kyc not done …
I attempted three times they said successfully verified …
But kyc doesn’t cleared…
Kindly please help me …
My amount is strucked…

What are the charges for the same?
Home branch guys are not at all helpful. They are saying no chequebook will be issued as the account code is NiyoX savings. They are saying to contact NiyoX.

@Deepak please reply

Please reply
Also tagging @Wasim_Al_Basha @Ranjith @Lucky @ashrithjain

Hey @billubakra! The chequebooks are being issued to the NiyoX user on request if the signature is updated in the bank records. One chequebook is free per quarter on request. The charge beyond the free limit is 2/- per leaf.


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How to check if signatures are updated in the bank records or not? Branch is not at all helpful, they are saying to contact NiyoX as they opened our account and not the branch,

Please reply @Deepak
Also tagging @Wasim_Al_Basha @Ranjith @Lucky @ashrithjain

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