Cheque Book Request

As I have visited the branch and my signature also updated by them into the bank database. I have requested for the cheque book but 2 weeks passed I have still not received my cheque book as of now. In the app it is still showing as an open request.

I had noticed today that Signature Upload option available in IDFC Internet Banking.

I had uploaded signature for Niyo account using this service request. I got message that I can request for cheque book after 24hours.

In Internet banking –

Service Ruquests ==> Create ==> RIght side “Upload Signature”

Hey Jatin! Welcome to the Niyo Community! If your signature is updated, kindly visit the nearest IDFC branch to request for a cheque book. LK

What are the charges for cheque book?

Hey Akshay! The cheque book issuance and re-issuance charges would be ₹3/cheque leaf. LK

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