Cheque Book and UPI Transfer Limit Issue - it's a Problem

I am more concerned about check book unavailability for this account i am having one from NiyoX. And there is UPI Transaction Limit that is too low.

Hi Manish,

Check book feature would be available by end of this month. Let me check what can be done on UPI limit. Have you completed your KYC?


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Hey Vinay, My KYC was done by ECom Express Guy. My Debit Card is about to reach today (Bluedart WayBill Status). I just want to make this a full-fledged bank account to avoid any drawback. By the way, got my first salary credited and started investing too initially.


Delivery Partner (BlueDart) for Welcome Kit Delivery (Includes Debit Card) didn’t attempt delivery but updated the completely different status on BlueDart Way Bill details as “Delivery attempted - Premises Closed”. And then called me and said he will deliver this by Monday 10th May’21.

Hey @Manish_Mohan_Mishra, we are so sorry for the hassle. We will make sure that a strong feedback is shared with the courier team regarding this. In case you still do not get the card by Monday, please let us know. Also, NiyoX is a full fledged bank account with all banking features that you will need. We aim to provide you the best banking services from the comfort of your home. SR

I am not able to make UPI transfers. It says ‘exceeded limit’. Where is the limit mentioned ? How much is it ? This is very inconvenient. Now, all my money is stuck in this account. Cant make any transfers


UPI Transfer limit is ₹25,000 per transaction.

You may check this one for further information (For Full KYC accounts only):-

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but , i am not able to transfer even 25k

Is your Full KYC completed? If yes, then wait, one of the Niyo representative will assist you further. And also, if you have recently registered for UPI and have set UPI Pin, then for the first 24 hours, you can only transfer a max of ₹5,000. If this answer has not helped you, kindly wait, your query will be resolved by a Niyo representative.

Ashrith Jain

Yeah, few days back…

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Oh ok, in that case, kindly wait, your query will be resolved by a Niyo representative. You may alternatively create a ticket in the NiyoX app.


Hey @swat, we regret the inconvenience. The issue has been highlighted with the team. Rest assured, we will get it resolved on priority. We shall keep you updated. SR

I too facing UPI limit exceeded issue. Upi has been activated a month ago. But tried to transfer 25k but not allowing.

Hey Srinath! Please inbox us your details so that we can get this checked at our end. LK