Change new mobile number in the Niyox mobile app

I upgraded my new mobile phone number using Equitas Bank Netbanking, but I still cannot log into my niyox bank account through the mobile app from my new mobile number.

My old number is closed, and now I can’t log into my niyox account. Please suggest.

Hey @Gaurang_Pawaskar! Please note that we do not facilitate mobile number change in NiyoX app as of now. Hence, even if you have got it changed through Equitas Bank Netbanking, that wouldn’t be recognized on the NiyoX app. LK

I can’t login NiyoX app after the recent update on 21.3.22, pls help me. Can’t access app support chat option, though mailed to, got ticket number 1218266., but noone communicated me till now. CS team asked me for 2 working days but no update on 24 th. Using NiyoX for last 6-7months but now feeling very much disappointed…error screenshot us also given below

Hey @Sandi! We are working on your issue and we will get back to you as soon as we have an update on the matter. LK

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